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Diamond Magic Corner

■ Size/CABINET:101035/101035-p 900mm (Left Open)、101036/101036-p 900mm (Right Open). ■ Design: Interlock pantry design with free choice of different baskets according

Diamond Show Hand Corner

■ Size/CABINET:101125 800/900mm、101125-p 800/900mm. ■ For installation with right- or left-opening doors, this Show Hand Universal Corner Basket lets you

Shearer Magic Corner

  • Size/ CABINET: 101055 900mm ( Left Open)、101056 900mm (Right Open).
  •  The corner spaces where two perpendicular cabinets meet are often underused. These units convert such spaces into efficient, easy-to-reach storage. To make the most of available space, this top-of-the-line sliding cabinet unit has all-steel under-mount slides for quiet, smooth operation.
  • A self-closing mechanism pulls the unit softly shut in the last few inches of travel to prevent slamming. To permit access to both sets of shelves, an articulating slide mechanism pulls the first set along with the door as it opens, while drawing the concealed set of shelves into the space previously occupied by the first.
  • The price includes Free Shipping to Hong Kong only and 2 years warranty from the purchase date.

Shearer Swing Tray 3.0

■Cabinet Size: 900mm ■Advantage: National invention patent structure ■Material: Aluminum, steel, ■Coating: Titanium Gray ■Item: 101081 (Left Open) 101082 (Right